I became interested in Christian Science in 1907, when...

I became interested in Christian Science in 1907, when a woman, not a Christian Scientist, told me that Scientists heal as Jesus did and that no drugs are used in this healing work. The thought of healing through divine Mind appealed to me, as I had lost all faith in medicine. I was introduced to a Christian Scientist, who told me of her experience and healing through spiritual means alone. She gave me two Christian Science Sentinels and later lent me the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

At that time I was suffering from heart attacks, nervous indigestion, constipation, and chronic backache. I also had two growths on the breast. After reading the Sentinel I was encouraged and began to feel better. I was hungry for my meals and enjoyed them. I also rested better at night.

Every word was logical and was just what I needed. It was all true, and I knew it. Then I read the Christian Science textbook, and that was wonderful. I pondered the statements in the book that man is God's image and likeness and that God is Spirit. I reasoned that since God is Spirit and man is His image and likeness, man is spiritual, not material. I grasped the thought that Spirit could not be diseased. I also learned that God does not send disease, therefore that I did not have to have the stomach trouble. It no longer bothered me, and has not since that time. The heart trouble, although a physician had told me that he had given me the last remedy he knew for that trouble, was healed. I do not know when it left me, but I never had another attack after I began reading.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has transformed my life from one of...
September 8, 1928

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