Instantaneous Healing

As the art student, struggling to portray his vision of beauty, stands in rapt appreciation before the glowing canvas of some great master, so students of Christian Science experience a far greater sense of beauty and inspiration when reading Mrs. Eddy's demand for the restoration of instantaneous spiritual healing. Our Leader's own words, to be found on page 355 of "Miscellaneous Writings," are: "Less teaching and good healing is to-day the acme of 'well done;' a healing that is not guesswork,—chronic recovery ebbing and flowing,—but instantaneous cure. This absolute demonstration of Science must be revived." Think of it—"instantaneous cure;" the light of this deliverance set burning beside every bedridden captive, the lonely irresistibly comforted, poverty eliminated, sin and death rebuked, the health of the whole suffering world uplifted!

Knowing that Mrs. Eddy never expected others to walk in paths she herself had not first trod and proved to be of Truth's directing, the student recognizes with true thankfulness her authority for commanding that "this absolute demonstration of Science must be revived." Prompted, therefore, by the earnest desire to be obedient, the young student takes his first steps forward and is instantly challenged by two hoary suggestions: that he is not good enough to heal the sick, and that he has not enough understanding to do so. When released from these thoughts of self by the comforting knowledge that God is indeed the only healer, the student feels a refreshing activity pervade his thinking, and realizes in some small degree true rest in the understanding that Principle declares and maintains its own idea. Obedience thereafter means a different thing to that student. It no longer spells restriction, deprivation, and dull-hued duty, but signifies freedom, the possible recognition here and now of God as All-in-all—the very wings with which we mount to heaven. Recognizing that instantaneous cure means instantaneous manifestation of right, spiritual thought, the student sees the necessity of prayer without ceasing, and with heartfelt consecration strives to let that Mind be in him "which was also in Christ Jesus," the Mind which instantaneously brings about the unfoldment of its every idea.

Man is Free
August 4, 1928

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