The Christian Scientist is insistent in his desire for harmony. Wherever he may find himself, there he expects either to find it in evidence or in process of demonstration. To him inharmony is entirely inconsistent with Christian Science, and he regards it as a call upon him for mental work which shall destroy the unrest of mortal mind and establish harmonious peace. Inharmony anywhere is cause for regret to the Christian Scientist; but among Christian Scientists themselves he regards it as an unrighteous anomaly, something altogether undesirable and regrettable, a condition due to erroneous thinking which must be healed through deeper consecration to good on the part of those responsible for it.

Knowing as they do the great truths of Being, students of Christian Science should be on guard lest inharmony enter into their relationships with their fellow-men anywhere—in church, home, or business. What has Christian Science taught them? Has it not revealed the truth that God is infinite good, perfectly harmonious Mind, divine Love? Then they must know that harmony is a universal spiritual fact and inharmony, so called, an illusion of so-called mortal mind. There is no getting away from this position; and if anyone claiming to know the truth of the infinite nature of harmony tries to do so, he is false to Christian Science.

Right Rebellion
June 9, 1928

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