It is indeed a great privilege, as well as a joy, to use this...

It is indeed a great privilege, as well as a joy, to use this opportunity of telling what Christian Science has done for me. It was brought into our home when I was a small child. There were many opportunities for testing its efficacy in overcoming the ills that childhood seems heir to. When about ten years of age I was healed of diphtheria when a member of the family, who was not a Scientist, thought I would surely die.

While teaching my first school, which was quite a distance out in the country, I became suddenly ill with appendicitis. The first day I was unable to reach a Christian Science practitioner, so I clung to the truth as well as I could. The next morning I was able to get the practitioner on the telephone and decided I would go to her home, as I felt I would be better off there. As I was combing my hair it seemed that the appendix was ruptured, and for a moment I felt I would have to give up my trip, but I prayed to God for help and was strengthened. I rode a distance of thirty miles over a very rough road, and I know it was only the power of Truth that enabled me to endure it. It was my faith in God and the practitioner's understanding that pulled me through; and in two weeks I was back at my school, even though, in order to get there, it was necessary to ride in a cart over the roughest kind of country roads; but I did this without any feeling of soreness or discomfort: I was perfectly healed.

The greatest opportunity I have had for relying upon divine Principle has been with our little girl. That has been my weakest spot, and it is there that error has tried to strike the hardest. Twice I have had to pass through "the valley of the shadow of death" with her, but I have come out uplifted and purified each time. I should like to tell of the last experience, because I am sure it will help some mother to take her stand and rely solely on divine Principle. For some months our little girl had had great difficulty in breathing. It was so difficult that she could be heard all over the house, and those who heard her suggested adnoids or asthma. This went on for several months, and although work in Science was taken up for her she did not get a complete healing. The condition would come back with greater force. Then she became ill one night and I worked for her as best I could. She did not suffer, but kept getting thinner, and weaker and weaker, until she was a mere shadow. Then the thought of death seemed to grip me, and I had to seek help of a practitioner for myself. That was one Saturday night. I worked late, praying and studying to be lifted up. After several hours spent in this way these words came to me like a voice speaking: "Mind your own business. She is God's child; He is caring for her and providing her every need. You are just a channel through which that need is met. Now leave her with Him." Oh! such peace took possession of my consciousness! I went to bed rejoicing, and soon fell asleep. She woke me about three o'clock in the morning. She was having a slight hemorrhage of the nose, but I was not alarmed. I knew that divine Love was caring for her. My fear was gone. She expectorated clots of blood, and when I examined them I found two round substances or growths of some kind. She went back to sleep, and slept as peacefully as a little baby. She was up and dressed the next morning, and later ate a hearty dinner.

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June 9, 1928

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