The Truth of Being

To keep the truth uppermost in consciousness is the desire of every sincere student of Christian Science, the truth about God, man, and the universe; for it is only through constant realization of this truth that genuine happiness can be attained, health established, and "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding," be made manifest in our lives. Christian Science teaches the Science of being, of which God is the divine Principle—God who is infinite unchanging Life, Truth, and Love, the only Mind, governing the universe in perfect harmony.

Would anyone think it possible for the rules of mathematics or of music to change, or to be unavailable at any time or in any place? But of what value would the rules of either music or mathematics be to one if he did not apply them? Similarly, it is essential to understand something of the rules of divine Being, God, before we can begin to demonstrate the truth about man's relationship to his Maker, which our great Way-shower, Christ Jesus, demonstrated so perfectly in the destruction of sin, the healing of disease, and the overcoming of death, thus bringing to view the harmonious relationship of man to God, his divine Principle.

"As a little child"
June 9, 1928

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