From childhood I sought a demonstrable understanding...

From childhood I sought a demonstrable understanding of God; and after vainly attempting to find Him in the churches I became an atheist, following Robert Ingersoll and other free thinkers. Over eighteen years ago I was invited to a Christian Science Wednesday evening testimony meeting. The peace and harmony that prevailed, as well as the simplicity of the service, made a very deep impression on me. The testimonies, however, seemed an insult to my intelligence, and on leaving I decided I would never enter a Christian Science church again.

Some months later, after much suffering with what an X-ray photograph showed to be an imperfect jaw bone, caused by an infected tooth, I telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner for help, and the difficulty was instantaneously overcome. For many years thereafter I attended the services regularly, but never made a demonstration for myself. I appealed to a practitioner just as one appeals to a physician. Peritonitis, grippe, lockjaw, and many other ills were overcome; but one difficulty, from which I had suffered since childhood—constipation—did not yield permanently. I called upon several practitioners and teachers of Christian Science for help. I received loving thoughts from each and every one, for which I am profoundly grateful; but the difficulty would reappear, sometimes in an aggravated form. About this time a business proposition was presented whereby my husband was expected to derive a large fortune. I sold my accredited music school in Chicago and joined my husband in Texas. On returning to Chicago some months later I found that we were penniless.

Testimony of Healing
Recently I had a very beautiful healing through hearing...
April 14, 1928

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