On the Overcoming of False Appetite

The regeneration of consciousness which results from its Christianization eliminates all that is unlike spiritual truth; it destroys everything unlike good, all materiality. In this process not alone are the beliefs usually classified as sickness and sin eradicated, but the erroneous beliefs usually termed depraved or false appetites are likewise destroyed. These are removed because they are unlike Spirit; they do not come from God. Nothing belongs to man as idea, or image, which does not have a divine source. Therefore, appetite and all that pertains to what John characterized as "the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life" is to be put off through the process of regeneration, attendant upon the laying hold in consciousness of the Christ, Truth.

In her answer to the query, "Do animals and beasts have a mind?" Mrs. Eddy writes on page 36 of "Miscellaneous Writings," "Appetites, passions, anger, revenge, subtlety, are the animal qualities of sinning mortals; and the beasts that have these propensities express the lower qualities of the so-called animal man; in other words, the nature and quality of mortal mind,—not immortal Mind." In view of this classification, it becomes plainly necessary to divest ourselves of every vestige of false appetite, of all animal propensities, if we are earnestly seeking to establish Spirit in place of matter as the basis of our thinking. And it is only through such reformation that we possess ourselves of God's glorious bounty. Animal qualities are those lower attributes and traits associated with animals and manifested by them. They are merely material beliefs and, accordingly, have no place in or relation to the divine, to man as the reflection of God. This conclusion established, the necessity arises of healing ourselves of these erroneous beliefs.

"Give God's idea sway"
April 14, 1928

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