Spiritual Law versus Material Law

It is thought by some Christian Scientists that it is necessary for one to know all about the so-called material laws believed to govern certain claims of disease, in order that these may be destroyed. Now, Christian Science teaches that all is God and His ideas; that Mind is wholly good, and therefore that the ideas or thoughts emanating from it must also be as good, harmonious, and perfect as their divine source. Therefore matter, which is the supposititious opposite of divine Mind, is simply the outcome of a belief in another mind apart from God, good. Consequently, it has no intelligence, no substance, no place, presence, or power.

It necessarily follows that the material laws believed to govern matter must originate in this same false belief of a carnal mind. Therefore they can have no source, no foundation or Principle to support them. "The basic error is mortal mind," Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 405). Then why should it be thought necessary to know every phase or claim of these laws that mortal mind puts forth, in order to destroy them? On the contrary, it is most important that we get the facts clearly established in our consciousness that God's law is the only real law, the only law that can operate, and that this law annihilates everything unlike itself.

The Answer
July 23, 1927

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