In July, 1906, I was healed of intestinal tuberculosis

In July, 1906, I was healed of intestinal tuberculosis. I had suffered with it for practically two years, and had all of its alarming symptoms. During this time I had been constantly and conscientiously treated by several of the finest physicians in a large city, but steadily grew worse. The intense heat that summer drove us to a small northern resort, where a family of Christian Scientists, recognizing my great need, asked if I would read some of their literature. So, without the aid of a practitioner, and with no previous knowledge of Christian Science, I was completely healed within twenty-four hours, during the reading of the Preface and the first three chapters of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. The details, conditions, and completeness of this demonstration were of such a character that I instantly knew it was God that healed me; and I accepted Christian Science as the truth about God and man. However, the way has not been easy. I have had to prove every step taken; but always has victory crowned each sincere effort, and Love has sustained and directed me. Our two children have known nothing but Christian Science. The ease and confidence with which they apply its truth daily is a constant inspiration, and enables me to glimpse Mrs. Eddy's vision when she wrote (Pulpit and Press, p. 9), "Ah, children, you are the bulwarks of freedom, the cement of society, the hope of our race!" To this glorious attainment I give thanks for the work of every Christian Science Sunday School. Among the healings in our home I will mention influenza, measles, rheumatism, mumps, scarlet fever, and a fractured ankle bone, which was set through the application of Christian Science. This break was verified by an X-ray picture taken to satisfy some concerned.

I shall always love Mrs. Eddy, whose wonderful understanding, perseverance, and love for mankind founded and established all branches of the Christian Science movement seen in the world to-day.

July 23, 1927

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