More than twenty years ago I turned to Christian Science,...

More than twenty years ago I turned to Christian Science, not for physical healing for myself, but for mental relief from a mother's anxious fears, and with the hope that I might find in Science some measure of security from the ills that seemed constantly to menace the well-being of our little family. I had known of Christian Science for several years, and had seen the healing effects resulting from its application, and when the decision was made to turn to it for help, it was with the realization that I was taking a momentous step—a step in line with Truth, from which there could be no turning back. We were traveling at the time, and in a southern city I purchased a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and began to read the chapter entitled "Science of Being." I knew that what I read was the Word of God; and I was soon to have the opportunity of proving that it does indeed cast out the evil of fear and heal the sick.

That night, as he was preparing for bed, our eldest son complained of a sore throat. There was every indication of a serious condition, and my heart stood still as I realized that the trial of my faith had come. Wishing not to alarm the family, I waited until all were asleep, then, slipping quietly into the little fellow's room, I knelt by his bedside and read from the textbook and prayed as best I knew how. Hour after hour I fought the fears and doubts that assailed my thought, with the statements of Truth in Science and Health, until at last there came to me the sweet assurance that God is Love and ever present, that Love was loving both mother and child and would permit no evil to harm us. A great peace filled my heart, and I returned to my bed with every fear removed. The next morning the child was happy and free. Two days later there was a slight return of the trouble, but the truth was declared with confidence and the inflammation was quickly and completely destroyed.

Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, when kind friends called my attention to...
July 23, 1927

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