Members of one of the Durango churches have been...

Evening Herald

Members of one of the Durango churches have been engaged recently in distributing a pamphlet entitled "The Pros and Cons of Christian Science." The pamphlet was written by one who takes much space to tell that he has been thoroughly instructed in Christian Science, and that he is "qualified" to practice as what he terms "a Christian Science healer." Our critic commences his pamphlet by referring to the Apostle Paul as a man of discrimination. I would therefore commend to this critic and those in Durango and vicinity who have read his pamphlet, Paul's words to the Romans: "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Mary Baker Eddy, in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 451), frankly recognized that "students of Christian Science, who start with its letter and think to succeed without the spirit, will either make shipwreck of their faith or be turned sadly awry." The pamphlet throughout clearly indicates that the critic never got beyond the study of the mere letter of Christian Science. Anyone who hopes to be healed through studying Christian Science as a mere human theory operating in the realm of the human or carnal mind, will be disappointed as certainly as was our critic. It is not through the human or carnal mind, which, as Paul tells us, "is enmity against God," that healing is accomplished in Christian Science. When our critic comes to realize with Paul that "to be carnally [fleshly] minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace," he will be ready humbly and meekly to undertake the regeneration or renewing of his mind, which will as certainly result in healing now as it did at the time when Jesus of Nazareth was engaged in his ministry in the hills of Galilee.

Our critic denies that Christian Science cures organic disease. For answer, reference is made to the following statements by some of the best medical authorities in England and America. Dr. Charles Hunter, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Manitoba, says: "Christian Science has helped many persons suffering from diseases, which to the medical practitioner had defied diagnosis. ... Christian Science, furthermore, had brought relief to individuals who were victims of organic disorder, proving that psychotherapy is not solely confined to functional diseases." And from Dr. Drummond Shiels, member of the British Parliament, the following is quoted: "Some of the most remarkable cases I know of, wonderful cures, have been in connection with Christian Science, which I have seen myself and know." In these days when so many of the Christian churches are giving earnest consideration and recognition to spiritual healing, it would seem better practice for Christians to be engaged in an endeavor to follow the injunction of Jesus to heal the sick by spiritual means, than to engage in criticism of fellow religionists who are already heeding that injunction and are recognized by the best medical authorities to be healing the sick through spiritual means.

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