Men turn to their highest concept of God for the satisfaction of their desires. It is as natural to feel that one's good comes from a source outside one's self, as it is for a child to turn to his parents for love, protection, and supply.

The object of human desires seems with most mortals to be material—better physical health, a larger income, more of what are called the pleasures of life. But that which should really be desired may be expressed more correctly and exactly when it is realized that mankind is in reality longing for freedom, freedom from a false sense of limitation, which is the result of a mistaken sense of health, of supply, of happiness. When one recognizes that one's desires should be for freedom from a limited sense of good rather than for the acquisition of material possessions, he has taken big step towards spiritual understanding. His method of thinking begins to be altered. Since he is definitely seeking a freedom which is spiritual, and his consciousness is no longer pinned down to material sense evidence, he perceives that to acquire freedom he must come into accord with fixed spiritual law. Such a one no longer turns to Christian Science or seeks the aid of a practitioner merely to bring about some material circumstance or condition. He has learned that humanity's method of trying to use spiritual fact to further the designs of human will has not been, and never will be, successful. Christian Science frees consciousness from human will with its mistaken outlining of its material sense of good, and restores the joy of freedom from bondage to the desires of material sense.

Saving Activity
July 23, 1927

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