Unfoldment of the Mother-Love

The writer recalls girlhood days when in the absence of "mother" the house became dreary and desolate. It was not like home then. There was little cheer, little comfort. The aspect of everything was changed. Having been awakened somewhat to the Mother-Love that is God, the analogy between the illustration cited and a student working out his salvation in Christian Science has become clear to her. Our house—consciousness—is dreary and desolate indeed at times. And how this house is brightened by a clearer realization of the presence of the infinite. Father-Mother, God, who includes in Himself unlimited supply, and who supplies every need in wisdom and love! This enables one to turn more confidently to the great ever present Father-Mother Love, and to relinquish in fuller degree the human desire for certain things to come to pass. "Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him," said the Master. We are understanding better how God supplies our needs.

The most constant, faithful quality we know in our human experience is a mother's love for her child. But this love is often so beset by beliefs of anxiety, limitation, and fear that it needs to be liberated through Christian Science. The world owes much to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for the unfoldment of the eternal fact of the motherhood, as well as the fatherhood, of God. God being infinite Mother, as well as infinite Father, there is but one Father-Mother; and that one unlimited,—All-power, All-presence, knowing His real creation everlastingly,—the Father-Mother who bestows eternal life, the only Giver. As the human mother learns more of God as Father-Mother, learns that every good quality is a reflection of the one God, she gains more and more of the blessed peace and quietness and assurance which are ever present in the divine Mind.

The Little Lights
February 12, 1927

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