[Written for the Sentinel]

The Goal

At eventide my thought goes out
To Thee in praise and prayer;
All day, untouched by fear and doubt,
I've rested in Thy care.

And as the day comes back to me,
I can but humbly say:
Dear Lord, what have I done for Thee?
How have I served to-day?

Have I a thankful heart expressed
In thought and word and deed,
Whereby my brother has been blessed,
And love has sowed good seed?

For only thus, I know, dear Lord,
Can I Thy love repay
By living love to spread Thy word—
There is no other way.

The sun all day in wondrous light
Has served Thee well in serving Thine;
And now the stars bedeck the night,
And glorify Thy power divine.

Oh, infinite and mighty One!
I too can loving service find—
Thy presence prove, like stars and sun,
Reflecting light to all mankind!

Then naught for self, dear Lord, I'll ask;
Instead, I give myself to Thee,
And seek for love to do the task
That in Thy love Thou sendest me.

And so, when twilight peace is won,
Thy servant shall be satisfied
To feel Thee near, and hear "Well done,"
And share Thy joy at eventide.

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