About fourteen years ago I became interested in Christian Science

About fourteen years ago I became interested in Christian Science. A friend asked me to attend a service with her, because she lived in a place where there was no Christian Science church. This friend was suffering from a disease, and she wanted to inquire into Christian Science for herself. I went to several services and became interested, as Christian Science satisfied my longing for a religion which I could understand. I began to study the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and our Leader's other writings. I was especially thankful to know God as divine Principle, as Life, Truth, and Love. I have not had many physical illnesses since I began the study of Christian Science, but I have seen the effect of applying it to my thinking as a preventive. Once when Spanish influenza was raging, I understood the nothingness of the symptoms before it had a chance to seize me, and I was free.

On a skiing excursion in the mountains of Sweden a Christian Science friend and I were caught in a dreadful snowstorm and became separated from our guide. We realized the truth at once, and said to each other that we must continue skiing as little children, relying on divine Principle. We felt the protection immediately. We had only a few days before learned how to travel by the compass, and in the morning before the snowstorm commenced we had decided to take the direction in which we were skiing that day. The snowstorm continued for twelve hours, and often we had to go behind big stones to get a little shelter from the wind. Then we would read the Lord's Prayer and "the scientific statement of being" from Science and Health (p. 468).

In these mountains there are many dangerous places to pass, and sometimes we could hardly see farther than one meter ahead. When evening came, we found a small hut, where we spent ten hours. We had had hardly any food for twenty-four hours, and it was ten degrees centigrade below zero. The next morning the storm had ceased, and we were glad to find that we had gone in the right direction. Soon afterwards we came to a house where kind people gave us food. We suffered no ill effects from this experience, and did not feel more tired than after an ordinary skiing trip; and experienced sporting people could not understand how we had escaped. The next day I took another trip of about twenty-one miles. I know it was our understanding of Truth and Love that led us, and especially the understanding that man is the emanation of God.

Testimony of Healing
Eleven years ago I turned to Christian Science for physical...
January 29, 1927

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