Intelligent Activity

Little real progress is made in the study of Christian Science until a clear understanding of God as divine Principle is gained, and a willingness to obey and look to Principle for guidance. A study of the word "Principle" with the help of the Concordance to "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy shows that it is synonymous with Mind, and that the logical expression of Mind is perfect intelligence. A concept of Principle would be cold and incomplete, however, unless it were also seen to be synonymous with Love. Love! What a word; but how often misunderstood! Impulse and passion have no part in it, and it cannot be dissociated from divine Principle and intelligence.

To discern even faintly the indissolubleness and omnipresence of Principle, Mind, Love, lessens fear. A stubborn determination to do or get a particular thing could only be activity prompted by fear; but to draw trustingly and with childlike faith close to our Father-Mother God, confident that whatever our problem may be, this loving Principle is expressing itself to us in right ideas, is intelligent activity. The acceptance of a right idea about anything necessarily means the relinquishment of a false concept concerning it; and this process results in true healing. Whatever the human condition that needs betterment, it can be effected only through the realization that the positive activity of the perfect idea is destroying the negative wrong opinion or belief held in so-called mortal mind. In this way dominion is gained.

Supply for All
September 4, 1926

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