There is probably no more thankful class of people in the world than Christian Scientists. This is seen in the joy they radiate, in the gratitude they express, in the thanks they voice—aye, and in the characteristic calm of their lives. Thankfulness seems natural to them: they simply cannot help being grateful.

And what is the reason for this? Usually the story is not a difficult one to tell. Before hearing of Christian Science, the student likely enough was anything but happy. Perhaps he was sick; perhaps he was sinful; or, it may have been that he was oppressed by sorrow or lack or some other such affliction, and although he had inquired and searched and prayed for deliverance, no way appeared to him out of his troubles. He may have gone on for years in this manner, until Christian Science came to him with its message of God's eternal goodness and love, and then he saw the clear-shining pathway which leads to the throne of grace,—the pathway of spiritual understanding,—and that meant deliverance.

"Father, I thank thee"
November 20, 1926

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