As Christian Scientists we learn to be especially grateful for blessings, for every least bit of good that comes into our experience; and we return thanks to God, "who giveth us richly all things to enjoy." Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 3), "If we are ungrateful for Life, Truth, and Love, and yet return thanks to God for all blessings, we are insincere and incur the sharp censure our Master pronounces on hypocrites." The understanding of God, of Life, Truth, and Love, which the study of Christian Science gives us, is indeed a reason in itself for gratitude; for it is this understanding which enables us to rejoice all the way.

It is an easy matter to give thanks when conditions are harmonious. But we prove that we are Christian Scientists when we are able to give thanks even though there be seeming discord and unrest around us; for Christian Science helps us to see the truth whatever the seeming condition, and to insist that God is good and that His child manifests perfection, in spite of all sense-testimony to the contrary. Jesus gave thanks before he fed the four thousand, when all he had to material sense was seven loaves and a few small fishes. He gave thanks at the grave of Lazarus also, before Lazarus stepped forth from the tomb. Christian Science helps us to be grateful for every experience, and to see it as but another opportunity to prove God's allness. As Christian Scientists we should make it a practice to recognize reasons for gratitude; and we should persistently return thanks.

November 20, 1926

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