May I express my gratitude for the many blessings we...

May I express my gratitude for the many blessings we have experienced since taking up the study of Christian Science? I became interested for the relief it offered from chronic appendicitis of a year's duration. With a dear practitioner's aid this difficulty was completely removed in four days. My mother, who was sixty-nine at the time, was troubled with an ulcered ankle, due to broken veins. An operation by the best surgeon available had failed to relieve the condition. The same always ready practitioner was called; and two weeks later my mother was doing her own housework and shopping. She is now the wonder of all who know her. They cannot understand how she is able to do all she does and look so young and well. My father, who is past eighty-one, had used tobacco since boyhood. This habit was destroyed two years ago.

To say I am grateful does not express what I feel, not only for these outstanding instances of relief, but for the many smaller difficulties that have been overcome; for the literature, church services, lectures, practitioners, and all that our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has so wisely provided.

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November 20, 1926

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