Apostles of Peace

To-day the civilized nations of the earth are working for the establishment of peace; and this will come to pass as the individual takes upon himself the task of becoming an apostle of peace. Nations are learning the futility of making war upon one another, so the present is a favorable opportunity not only to work together for world peace, but to test our sincerity. Christendom is seeking to lay aside all prejudice,—political, social, national, and international,—and in the spirit of the Christ to labor together for the emancipation of mankind from the horrors of war. There is, however, but one way whereby men may enter into the enjoyment of lasting peace; and it is the way revealed through the teaching of Christian Science. The honest seeker of Truth finds in his study of Christian Science an impetus which lifts thought from the contemplation of the sordid and mean to the vision of "on earth peace, good will toward men."

Jesus, that great apostle of peace, conquered by love; and it is love alone that can conquer the hearts of mankind to-day, the love that is willing to forget differences in race, in color, and in speech. As Christian Scientists through their understanding of divine Principle decisively overcome their prejudices, their own selfish pride of race and environment, their work for world peace will bear fruit. The sincere Christian Scientist finds that he is gradually being freed from former wrong ideals of life,—social, national, and international,—and is enabled to press forward with certainty of ultimate success in bringing about true unity among men. The Sermon on the Mount embraces in its teaching the doctrine of universal brotherhood. In its tenets we learn that all God's children are equal, that all belong to one loving Father, therefore that all are brethren with mutual interests. We learn through the teachings of Christ Jesus that unity is spiritual, not material, and that it can never be perfected through material methods.

"He gave them power"
August 1, 1925

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