Our Reward

It is a common characteristic of mortals to desire to know in advance just what recompense they are to receive for performing a certain task or rendering a certain service to their fellow-men. How frequently we hear some one say, or we ourselves may say: Will it pay? What am I going to get out of this? Shall I be the loser or the winner if I follow this course, accept this position, or engage in this profession?

This mental attitude is to a certain extent the result of fear, selfishness, and greed. So-called mortal mind believes that existence is material, that matter is substance, and that supply is money. Furthermore, it believes that happiness can be attained by the accumulation of worldly possessions, and health obtained and retained by doing something to or putting something into the human body. The ordinary beliefs that each one must make his own living, that there are many merciless laws in operation which tend to prevent his doing so, and that he must earn all he can now because the time will come when he will be unable to earn more,—these and kindred beliefs cause many a one to consider personal gain the chief aim of life.

December 13, 1924

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