Resting in Every Step

A trip was planned to one of our highest snow-capped mountains. The destination was an inn high up on the side of this wonder of nature. One of the guides, accustomed to taking parties to such high points, said that in order to climb successfully one must endeavor to rest in every step. These guiding words took deep root in consciousness, and during the long automobile run before reaching the point where climbing on foot became necessary, they were pondered earnestly, for a spiritual meaning seemed to attach to them. And what a treasure they proved to be!

The climb started up a steep, snow-covered path. The writer, anxious to test the guiding phrase, took her first step with surety and joy, not venturing to take the next until a sense of poise and ease had been obtained; then the next was taken restfully, joyfully; then the next again with the same assurance and with no thought of plunging. It soon became easy and natural to climb in this way; and as others would pause for breath, look longingly up the steep ascent, or halt along the way, she could go steadily on, and even while taking a step could look rejoicingly on the surrounding views and those in the distance, with never a fear of slipping backward, never a fear of losing foothold, for each step was securely taken.

Our Reward
December 13, 1924

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