Some months ago we had occasion to observe the building of a branch Church of Christ, Scientist. In watching the workmen we learned several interesting lessons, one of which almost formed a parable, and may be of use to other Christian Scientists. The analogy is not perfect, but perhaps " 't will serve."

First, it was noticed that the scaffolding, though an absolute necessity for the erection of the church, seemed at the time to hide and interfere with the structure. Next, as the building progressed, it was observed that the scaffolding was continually being heightened: the workmen would build only up to the level of the eye, and then the platform would again be raised. Moreover, they were very careful to keep the whole in good repair, to see that scaffolding and ladders were secure and steady and the footboard wide enough to give sufficient room to work without watching every step they took, thus avoiding the drawing of their attention from their labor. They also worked methodically, each in his own place, doing his own share, were it small or great. Finally, when the building was completed, all the scaffolding with its disfiguring and concealing paraphernalia disappeared, and the church stood forth in its simple, impressive beauty, with its wide doors inviting entrance, its broad, high windows promising light and air,—ready to fulfill its destined purpose, to provide an assembling place for those desirous of praising and worshiping spiritually the one perfect divine Principle, God.

True Vision
December 13, 1924

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