What the Ontario Medical Society demands in its memorial...


What the Ontario Medical Society demands in its memorial to the Ontario government is, virtually, a monopoly for the "regular" doctors in the practice of healing the sick and treating the injured. The government is asked to forbid anybody to engage in such practice who has not a license from the Ontario college of physicians and surgeons. Osteopaths, chiropractors, and all "drugless healers" are specifically condemned, as are also Christian Science healers. Chiropractic is described as "a system of gross and pitiable ignorance." Objection is made to osteopathy on the ground that it is merely one phase of therapeutics and is often applied ignorantly by practitioners "to the grievous detriment of those so treated." With regard to Christian Science the memorial says that its teachings "reveal a deplorable condition of ignorance about diseases, injuries, matter, and therapeutics," and that they are a "positive menace to the public."...

In the religious field centuries ago, the same spirit bore fruit in hideous persecutions and devastating wars. Weemeaning men, quite persuaded that their own creed was true and all others were false and mischievous, did all in their power to extirpate the other creeds by killing, torturing, mutilating, or imprisoning those who professed them; also by putting those creeds under the ban of the law. But experience proved that such methods were not very successful. Common sense as well as the sense of fair play gradually compelled mankind to recognize the wisdom of tolerance and freedom in matters of religion.

True Literature and False
April 1, 1922

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