Prayer That Is Effectual

To the student of Christian Science, and especially to the beginner in its study, the first chapter of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," captioned "Prayer," stands out as one of greatest interest. The reason for this is obviously because of its compassionate, ringing appeal to simple faith. It has been frequently said that Mrs. Eddy has given to the world, in the sixteen pages of this chapter, more real information concerning the true modus of prayer than have all the countless volumes of bygone years. The salutary results that have been obtained since the Christian Science textbook was written, have indeed been the marvel of this generation. The Master has said that a tree is known by its fruits. The scope and magnitude of the Christian Science movement are nothing less than the outcome of answered prayer,—the healing of sin and disease in countless thousands of earnest people who have through Christian Science learned how to seek God and to find Him an ever present help.

Throughout the ages mankind, realizing their own helplessness and the limitations and the futility of things material, have frequently turned in prayer to whatever concept of God They may have had, for relief from mortal ills. Long years before the Nazarene Prophet came preaching and proving the truth about God, history tells us of men of all races and climes searching longingly for Truth. Especially do we find this the case with the ancient Jews, whose concept of God as Spirit, and one, brought them into such conscious communication with God that His presence and power were proved in innumerable instances. While such results have been obtained in some degree in all periods of history, it is nevertheless true that the large majority of prayers, even down to the present age, have remained unanswered. Because of this element of uncertainty and ignorance concerning its true modus, prayer has in large measure been a mystery, and such results as have been obtained from time to time have been considered as miraculous. Now even the most casual observer is taking note of the fact that Christian Scientists are highly successful in accomplishing results through prayer; that they are finding health instead of sickness; and that in place of sadness and sorrow and sin their lives are being regenerated and made glad and joyful, and their burdens lifted. Surely there is a reason for such wonderfully satisfying results and for the hope that is within their hearts.

A Christian Science Welfare Room
October 4, 1919

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