Christian Science has brought the greatest blessings into...

Christian Science has brought the greatest blessings into my life, for it has given me health and peace. For about twenty years I was practically an invalid and always under the care of a physician. When only sixteen years of age I was sent to an eastern college, apparently in good physical condition, and after two years returned to my home in the Middle West a nervous wreck. When I married I went to live in Concord, New Hampshire, and our home was not far from that of Mrs. Eddy, for whom I cared nothing then. For a few years I was fairly well. Then came a complete breakdown, and for four years a trained nurse was kept in the house to care for me. Mrs. Eddy usually took her daily drive past our house, and I could easily see her love for little children, for she always seemed to watch our two little girls at their play and was always smiling at them, and her sweet smile is something I shall never forget. I used to look at her and say to my nurse, "If there is anything in Mrs. Eddy's religion, why cannot I be well just by looking at her every day as I do?"

If I had only known then what the truth really is; but I did not. There was a great deal of prejudice against Christian Science among my friends; so I lay and suffered physically, mentally, and nervously with what the doctors called stomach, heart, and catarrhal trouble, and every misery nerves could cause, besides an internal weakness that doctors could only relieve by constant treatment. After twelve years we sold out everything and came to California, hoping that the change of climate would benefit me and our eldest little daughter, who was very frail at the time. I felt very fearful of the trip on account of my heart.

July 13, 1918

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