I gladly give this testimony of what Christian Science...

I gladly give this testimony of what Christian Science has done for me and for my family. I tried one physician after another to get relief from what I thought was a canker in the cheek, and none seemed to know or would tell me what the trouble was. At last my husband persuaded me to see a doctor who was an old friend, and this physician told me it was a malignant growth, but said that I would be all right after an operation. In accordance with his advice I went to a specialist and was operated on, a large piece of flesh and the glands in my throat being removed; but in fourteen months I had to undergo another operation. In less than a year five different remedies were used and I came near passing on, so severe were the treatments. I had to call in a doctor from our home town for help.

Then a friend told one of my daughters that he wished I would try Christian Science. He sent me copies of the Journal and Sentinel, and said he knew I could be healed. I went to Duluth, Minnesota, for treatment, but apparently got no relief. Then I tried another practitioner. The trouble moved to the lip. My husband was getting desperate, and hearing of a specialist in Chicago advised me to consult him. As my children were heartbroken from fear that the disease might prove fatal, I did so; but in less than a year my condition seemed worse than ever. Through it all I clung to Science and Health, and took it with me wherever I went; it was my guide. I read it for over two years before I knew there was a Christian Scientist in Ashland. Then I met one, and she asked me why I did not attend the Christian Science meetings. I told my husband that if he would read the literature and go to church, I felt sure I would be healed, so he went just to please me; but it did not take him long to see the truth. Now we are both members of the society here and of The Mother Church.

Testimony of Healing
It is said of Christian Scientists that they have a reason...
July 13, 1918

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