"Sell that thou hast"

To a student who was reaching out to the heart of Love for thoughts which should bring comfort and healing to one in mental and physical distress, came the saying of our Master to the rich young man, namely, "Sell that thou hast." The student's first thought was that this surely could not apply to the case in hand; for had not this dear one just stated that she had lost all she had, that she had been defrauded and forsaken by one who legally and morally was pledged to protect and cherish her? Was she not heart-bruised and "sick nigh unto death"? What had she to sell? Again into the consciousness of the student came the Master's words: "Sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me."

Here the student was led to ponder what is meant by a sale. Why did not the Master tell the young man to divide his possessions among the poor, rather than to sell and give the proceeds of the sale to the poor? Was it, perhaps, that having once sold that which he had, and received his price therefor, he could never claim the things again? And while the poor were being blessed by the distribution of what he gained from selling, he would be unfettered and unburdened in following our Lord and learning the way to eternal life.

Jesus of Nazareth realized the Christ
July 13, 1918

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