The space allotted to this article gives no opportunity to...

Tacoma (Wash.) Church Record

The space allotted to this article gives no opportunity to reply to the various "counts" on which Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy are indicted by our critic. It is sufficient to say you are right in stating that "the public is entitled to know all there is to be known regarding any system of religion." Reliable information concerning Christian Science is free, and easily accessible in any good public library, where Mrs. Eddy's books and "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy," by Sibyl Wilbur, may be had for the asking. Christian Science reading rooms are open daily, where the Bible and all authorized literature may be read or purchased. The Wednesday evening testimony meetings are open to the public. There each may decide for himself whether the Christian Science healings are genuine or not.

In this, the most crucial hour of our nation's history, when every ounce of effort should be spent in unifying and harmonizing our people, is it opportune for the pulpits to lend themselves to a message of hate whose manifest purpose is only to stir up strife and bitterness? Is it the part of a full grown man to spend his time in reviling a woman, who like her Master, when she was reviled, reviled not again, and admonished all Christian Scientists to do likewise; a woman of whom Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, in an interview reported in the New York American, and repeated in the Sentinel of January 18, 1908, said: "Mrs. Eddy should have the respect, admiration, and love of the whole Nation, for she is its greatest woman. ... Without malice, always with a kindness and charity that is almost beyond human comprehension, has this woman fought antagonism, and that only with love."

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