Christian healing, as taught in Christian Science, and...

Appleton (Wis.) Crescent

Christian healing, as taught in Christian Science, and the power of suggestion are as far apart as the poles. The latter is based on the human mind, referred to by Paul in his letter to the Romans as the "carnal mind" which "is enmity against God;" while Christian Science teaches and proves that true healing is based on the divine Mind, Spirit, God—the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, the Mind that is the only governing power of man and the universe.

Mrs. Eddy says (Science and Health, p. 102), "There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit." Spirit being identical with God, the one Mind, is the only attraction. She says further in the same book (p. 536), "If man's spiritual gravitation and attraction to one Father, in whom we 'live, and move, and have our being,' should be lost, and if man should be governed by corporeality instead of divine Principle, by body instead of by Soul, man would be annihilated."

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July 13, 1918

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