It is now some ten years since I first learned of Christian Science,...

It is now some ten years since I first learned of Christian Science, and it has completely changed my life. Physically it has acted more as a preventive than a curative, for I have had scarcely any ailments during those ten years. When our baby girl was born a year ago, I was able to be up the third day and attended church on the ninth day. I have had many proofs of the efficacy of Christian Science in overcoming financial difficulties. At the time I took up the study of this truth my father had been gone less than a year and his passing had left my mother and me practically penniless; but as our understanding of Christian Science grew, our supply increased, and each position I obtained was better than the last, and our needs were much more than supplied.

The last proof of God's care in this connection was especially pleasing to me. Just a week before I had planned to take my yearly vacation, the office in which I was then employed suddenly decided to move that branch to its head-quarters in another city. This left me without employment. In my old way of thinking I should have given up my trip, as I possessed little more than the necessary amount of money to take it, and I should have stayed at home to look for work. At this time, however, I decided that there was work for all God's children, and that when my vacation was over my work would be ready for me. I took the trip some three hundred miles from my home, and had been gone but a few days when a telegram reached me stating that if I would go on to a certain near-by city I could have a position then vacant there. This offer was from a source altogether unexpected, and the position was much better than any I had ever had; and as time passed, it grew even better still, until I was doing almost exactly the kind of work to which I had always aspired and at a much higher salary than I had ever hoped for.

Testimony of Healing
I am glad to be able to tell of a few of the blessings that...
July 13, 1918

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