Inexhaustible Love

It is related of an aged Scottish divine that when very near the passing "from this room into the next," he was questioned by two of the elders of his church as to whether he was quite sure of his faith in the doctrines of the church in which he had served. He replied, "There's just one thing that I am quite sure of now, and that is the love of God." Predestination and election had dropped away as matters of small moment, but the love of God remained: and so with us; when drifting clouds gather and our way appears perplexed and doubtful, to this sheet anchor we can cling—our assurance of the love of God.

One of the greatest blessings for which the writer has cause for deep gratitude to Christian Science, lies in the growing understanding of the reality and boundlessness of divine Love, its power and availability to help at all times and in all places. There is no room for fear, or dread, or limitation, when consciousness is filled with positive certainty of the ever present Love that is God. In looking back over years previous to the time when the light of Christian Science came to illumine the pages of the Bible, it can be seen that "hidden in the dark recesses of mortal thought" (Science and Health, p. 102), were ugly cowering fears of many kinds,—fear of ill health, lack of love, lack of friendship, lack of supply,—all having their root in distrust of God; for it is impossible to believe in shortness of supply of any needful thing, for ourselves or for others, if firmly convinced of the illimitable love of God, and that He knows our need before we ask Him. More and more as this conviction and spiritual understanding are applied to the claims of everyday existence, the hungry heart is truly fed with the bread of Life, and weakness, suffering, and nameless terror diminish and disappear, replaced by a knowledge of the true man's reflection of omnipotence, his possession of joy, health, courage, confidence, and peace, all gifts from a loving Father, supplied from the exhaustless fount of divine Love.

Discipline of Love
July 13, 1918

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