In a recent letter a clergyman states, "I no more think...

Accrington (England) Observer

In a recent letter a clergyman states, "I no more think that Jesus' miracles of healing summon me to thrust myself between my fellows and their medical advisers than I think that Jesus' miracle of the loaves summons me to thrust myself between my fellows and the bakers and fishmongers." This is an astonishing statement, seeing that while Jesus commissioned his followers to preach the gospel and heal the sick he did not commission them to go about dispensing loaves and fishes. However, it serves to emphasize the difference between its author and the Christian Scientists. He rejects the idea of any obligation resting upon the Christian church to heal the sick. Christian Science accepts that obligation to the full, and does so on the ground of the teaching and practice of Jesus and the apostles, and also on the ground of the nature of the evils to be dealt with. In doing so it finds itself in opposition to what is called orthodoxy; but as orthodoxy has not succeeded in satisfying the needs and aspirations of men, largely because it has swept aside the plain commands of Jesus with their far reaching personal and social obligations in favor of dogmas and institutions, there is no need to apologize for that opposition.

Mrs. Eddy accepted these commands of Jesus and their patent obligations. She took the view that Christianity, as a purely spiritual truth and force, is the divinely appointed means of delivering mankind from every ill. In arriving at this conclusion she did not rely upon human opinion; but it is remarkable how much support is to be found among scholars of universally admitted repute. In saying this I do not imply that any of those men supported the teaching as a whole, but I assert with confidence that it is possible to find support form a variety of eminent authorities for each of the fundamental positions of Christian Science.

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