When Christian Science found me I was in the depths of...

When Christian Science found me I was in the depths of despondency through sorrow and lack caused by long illness of myself and other members of my family. I had been ill for several years, and had spent a lot of money on doctors and medicine without getting any help. The church in which I was brought up taught what is called the doctrine of "free salvation," but I was also taught that you had to bear sickness and pain as best you might, since it was God's will that you should have them. When these troubles came, I found that my religion was of no practical value to me; consequently I grew despondent and gradually came to have only one desire, which was that I might pass on to the next world, where (as I then thought) I would get rid of all my troubles.

It was just then that Christian Science came to me, and I found that the doctrine of free salvation could be applied to sickness and all kinds of discords; that the same remedy which healed sin also healed sickness. At first I did not believe this, and said it was too good to be true. I went, however, to a Wednesday evening meeting, and was astonished beyond measure at what I heard there. The speakers seemed to me to speak in a new tongue, and because they evidently understood what they were talking about, I was forced to believe that there must be some truth in what they said. I therefore asked for Christian Science treatment, and soon found myself so much better in health, so much happier and nearer God, that I knew I had found the truth; but it took me some time to assimilate it.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a deep some of gratitude that I acknowledge...
July 21, 1917

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