In a report of a sermon, given in the Citizen, it is said...

The Ottawa (Ontario) Citizen

In a report of a sermon, given in the Citizen, it is said that the pastor objected to Christian Science as discrediting the evidence of one's senses. Every attempt at a scientific or philosophical explanation of things aims to correct the evidence of the material senses to some degree. The parallel rails of the railway track seem to meet in the distance. Sky and tree tops seem to mingle. The sun seems to rise and set. Matter seems to be solid substance, yet it can be resolved into what modern physicists term electrons,—invisible forces. So learned a man as the Rt. Hon. Arthur J. Balfour declared years ago that matter is explained by being explained away.

It is unwise to try to put science, philosophy, theology, therapeutics, in separate water-tight compartments. Life is a unity, and must be interpreted spiritually. Spiritual understanding and practice promote health and longevity. Open-minded investigation proves that Christian Science heals all manner of diseases.

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