A lady evangelist delivered a sermon against Christian Science,...

Warren (Pa.) Times

A lady evangelist delivered a sermon against Christian Science, as reported in the Times, and when referring to the man who was stripped, wounded, and left half dead on the road leading from Jerusalem to Jericho, as related by Jesus in the story of the good Samaritan, said that "Christian Scientists would tell us that this man wasn't sick, that there was nothing wrong with him, but Jesus said he 'fell among thieves,' who 'wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.' Which will you take, Jesus or Christian Science?"

Permit me to say that if the evangelist had taken the trouble to get an understanding of Christian Science she would not have found any occasion to ask such a question, or try to make it appear that there is anything in Christian Science contrary to Jesus' word and teaching. If she intended to base her statement on an inference drawn by her from the fact that Christian Science teaches sickness and disease to be unreal, her conclusion as applied to the man in question, or to the human sense of things generally, is wholly unwarranted. Christian Science shows that sickness and disease, as well as wounds, are unreal to spiritual sense, as Jesus proved again and again in destroying them instantly; but this by no means warrants the statement made by the evangelist.

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