Divine Mind Constructive

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE states clearly and definitely that infinite Mind is always constructive. It affirms that God, the only cause and creator, being omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent good, could not possess a single element of destruction. With unshakable logic it sweeps away the false foundations of human belief in two opposing powers combining as one, and declares that good is positive, eternal, and unchanging, while evil is negative, temporal, and self-destructive. The human mind claims that God creates and destroys in varying mood and for different reasons; that He repents, that is, changes His thought toward His children and the work of His hands; that in short the divine Mind may suddenly blot out or destroy or impair that which He created.

The material sense can know nothing of the eternally constructive work of divine Mind. Their testimony would present God as a destroyer; but spiritual sense understands Him as divine Priniciple, Love, and therefore as changeless good. Mortal mind simulates the powers of the one infinite Mind and aspires to reach heaven, and thus escape the necessity to destroy itself and all its false concepts. Until very recently it was believed by physicists that matter when reduced to its lowest limits, or atoms, was indestructible. The progress of physical science has changed this belief, and the origin of the atom has been discovered to be in ions, electrons, or electrical vibration.

Children and Science
July 21, 1917

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