Warring with Autocracy

The United States of America has declared war against autocracy. This term autocracy is compounded of the significant little Greek word autos, meaning self, and the word kratos, meaning strength. Therefore metaphysically considered the declaration under consideration may be said to mean war against the supposed strength of self, against the pretense of power derived from self, both in national and international relations, both within and without. The chief enemy of mankind is the belief in a material self apart from God, leading to self-aggrandizement, self-sufficiency, self-importance, and self-satisfaction in individuals and nations. Moreover, just as this declaration of war is directed against the supposed strength of material selfhood, so it proclaims inferentially the rule of Spirit, God, Principle, and His divine self-completeness, self-containment, self-existence, and self-government. When Mrs. Eddy proclaimed in Science and Health (p. 468), "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter," she declared war against autocracy.

The Christian Scientist who is awake to the signs of the times can recognize in the momentous statement of the President of the United States that a metaphysical stand has been taken against world wide selfishness, or autocracy, temporarily and more particularly exhibited by a certain type of secular government, but by no means confined to that type. The fight against all forms of selfishness waged by Christian Science from the very moment of its discovery has thus found in the United States government a new champion to "help the woman," and all loyal followers of Mrs. Eddy can rejoice in this fact, no matter of what nationality they may be. Their God is Love, who knows no hate, who shelters and protects all who have learned to abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Whoever holds the living Christ, Truth, in consciousness, also holds the banner of freedom high above the battle of human conflict.

Earth's Awakening
April 14, 1917

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