Regarding the editorial in the Press, concerning the proposed...

Akron (Ohio) Press

Regarding the editorial in the Press, concerning the proposed disbarring of Christian Scientists in New York from exercising their rights to heal through prayer, it would be interesting to know just what grounds the medical fraternity of New York have for their proposed action. From this distance it would appear the doctors are chiefly concerned about the large inroads upon their practice which are being made by this new yet old system of healing through the "prayer of faith." We can sympathize with the physicians upon that score, but we are inclined to believe it would be more to their credit if they allowed Christian Science to rise or fall on its merits. All the world loves a good loser, but the resort to such methods as having legislation enacted which creates a monopoly for any particular class of practitioners, cannot fail to array against the doctors the full weight of conscientious public opinion.

Despite efforts to prejudice the public mind against the idea of healing taught by Jesus, we firmly believe this system is outstripping the ordinary curative methods because it is a more excellent way. And as our reasoning is based upon the Bible, our conclusions, while not coordinate with human opinions, honor God, who is preeminently entitled to the utmost homage.

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