Work and Supply

We have every reason to be grateful that Christian Science has given us a foundation upon which to work out all our problems, whether mental, moral, or physical. This foundation is demonstrable Truth. Very often, however, when confronted by some problem, we fail to follow the fundamental teaching of Christian Science—the allness of God—to its logical conclusion, with the result that the desired solution is either not attained or is retarded. This applies in a greater or lesser degree to almost all the difficulties which crop up in our quest for happiness; but there is one that by reason of its very nature seems to be general, namely, the realization of adequate supply in relation to our daily work.

The universality of this problem shows the great need of obtaining a more correct concept of both work and supply, and such a revision of our concepts can be brought about only on the basis of the allness of God. If we accept the premise of Christian Science, that "all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation," that "God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All" (Science and Health, pp. 468, 17), we must also accept the conclusion that man, created in God's image and likeness, necessarily and absolutely reflects all the qualities inherent in his Maker, which, being qualities of Mind, can be manifested only in right consciousness. People may call themselves farmers, engineers, business men, typists, artists, practitioners, and so forth (and such classification is necessary from the human viewpoint), but whatever their calling, office, or profession, in the last analysis and in the sight of God they are all in reality doing the same thing, namely, reflecting Life, Truth, Love, Principle, intelligence, all the attributes of God.

Christian Science Applied
April 14, 1917

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