I want to testify to the efficacy of Christian Science healing...

I want to testify to the efficacy of Christian Science healing for the most serious cases as well as for the lighter ones. About a year ago my daughter was taken to an emergency hospital in what seemed a dying condition, from inhaling by mistake one of the strongest drugs known. When found in this condition her entire body was almost black. The physicians worked over her for some time, but failed to receive her, even though artificial respiration was tried for about thirty minutes; then they said she was dead.

Christian Science treatment was however begun for my daughter, with the result that in about two hours she was able to sit up and talk to me. The physicians said there always was a very serious after effect when such a large amount of the drug had been inhaled, such as deafness, blindness, or partial paralysis of some parts of the body, and they insisted that she be taken to a hospital and have careful attention, to avoid these conditions if possible. During their treatment they put a large needle through the tongue, and they said the wound would certainly be infected, as there was so much poison in her system. This happened during the night, but the following morning she walked unaided from her ward through a long corridor to the door.

April 14, 1917

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