Recently , after reading a description of the hardships, sufferings, and dangers endured by men engaged in the present strife, the thought occurred to the writer that many of these men had taken a step which is called enlisting into the service. In so doing they had offered themselves to do willingly whatever might seem necessary for their country's welfare, even to the giving up of their human sense of life; so that in enduring these hardships they were only fulfilling their obligations. Perhaps they little dreamed what their decision meant when they took the step, but this did not change the fact that their lives were in a sense no longer their own,—they had devoted them to their country's cause; and no matter what the demand might involve, it was their duty to respond to the call with readiness and good will.

Shortly after reading the article in question, Science and Health was taken up and opened at page 450, where are the words, "The Christian Scientist has enlisted to lessen evil, disease, and death." Here, then, we are told what should be the sole purpose of each one who has received the benefits of Christian Science, who has accepted its teachings, and who is endeavoring to live by its rules; that is, the true Christian Scientist. It is not that he may escape suffering and discord merely, or gain ease and self-gratification, but that he may give his service in gaining a better understanding of God and His law, and in demonstrating Truth's power to destroy error, thus helping to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Divine Protection
April 14, 1917

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