No one familiar with his teachings can truthfully deny...

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No one familiar with his teachings can truthfully deny that many of Buddha's views were what the world calls idealistic; nevertheless Buddha, like many other religious and philosophical teachers, believed more or less in the reality of both good and evil, Spirit and matter, Truth and error. Throughout the ages the Hebrew prophets alone caught glimpses of God, good, as the one and only cause of all that really exists, thereby demonstrating the unsubstantiality and impotence of matter and evil. Not until Jesus of Nazareth appeared on the scene, however, did one succeed in fully demonstrating this truth. Jesus triumphed over every material law and completely disposed of the belief in a material body as substance.

History does not record that any other teachers besides Jesus and Mrs. Eddy have clearly taught that all substance, intelligence, and power belong to God, Truth. The name of Mrs. Eddy is here linked with that of Jesus of Nazareth because some people, including a rabbi, who recently referred to her teachings as Buddhism, seem to be under the impression that there is a difference between original Christianity and Christian Science. As a matter of fact, they are one and the same. Any sincere student of Science and Health can prove this by putting its teachings into practice. On page 107 of the volume above referred to Mrs. Eddy writes, "Inthe year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science."

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