Over ten years ago I attended a Wednesday evening meeting...

Over ten years ago I attended a Wednesday evening meeting at a Christian Science church, but hearing there a statement which seemed to me to be exaggerated, and having previously been prejudiced against Christian Science, I found it an easy matter not to attend any more meetings. Six years later I again attended a few services, also purchased a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy; but not long after beginning to read this book I heard a lecture, "Why I am not a Christian Scientist," and as a result discontinued attending all church services and gave away my copy of Science and Health.

As time wore on my miserable sense of existence brought me to a state where I was daily seeking a way to bury my heavy mental budens, and nightly praying to a personal God to relieve me of my troubles so that the world would be made better by my having been in it. One day in April, 1915, in cleaning out my desk I came across a pamphlet covered with dust, which proved to be a speech delivered by Senator Works in the United States Senate. I had not read very far before a change took place in my thought; the door of human consciousness opened, light entered, and I was made free. This was a demonstration which only those who have shared in a similar experience can appreciate, for like the pamphlet buried in dust, so was I buried in materiality. I then discontinued the use of medicine, liquor, and tobacco, without any ill effects upon my nerves, although I had been a tobacco fiend until that time.

The Christian Science literature, reading-rooms, and practitioners have contributed to my better understanding. In offering this token of gratitude I can only say that I hope to be ever mindful that I am a living representative of divine Mind, and that this testimony will be instrumental in bringing others to acknowledge the truth. Less than two years ago I was a miserable person; now I am a different man. I have gained in weight, and have experienced a peace of mind that I would have said it was impossible for even God to give me.

March 24, 1917

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