In his recent revival in Quincy an evangelist had a...

The Whig

In his recent revival in Quincy an evangelist had a number of things to say about Christian Science. Of those quoted in The Whig one was true, namely, that there are intelligent people in the movement. Another, that Christian Science teaches there is no such thing as sin, was true if it be understood that Christian Science recognizes sin only as a belief of the human mind. Christian Science declares that God made all that was made, "and, behold, it was very good." Since sin is not good but evil, God did not create it, and therefore it exists only in false belief. The correction of error by truth reforms the sinner and destroys the sin.

The evangelist's statement that Mrs. Eddy is a "false teacher" because she does not interpret the Bible statements about "blood" as he does, is only an expression of his opinion. Since there are scores of Christian denominations, each differing from the others in the interpretation of the Scriptures, this opinion is not important. It may be said of Mrs. Eddy's understanding of the Bible, that it has enabled Christian Scientists to heal the sick as Jesus promised "them that believe" they should be able to do. No other Christian denomination is putting its interpretation of the Bible to so searching a test.

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