In January, 1912, our family physician advised me to get...

In January, 1912, our family physician advised me to get my mother interested in Christian Science, as it would serve to keep her mind off her physical condition. Knowing nothing of this teaching, I went to a practitioner, feeling that if Christian Science was the truth I wanted it. She explained to me some of its fundamentals and said it was Christ's method of casting out evil and healing the sick. This appealed to me, for I had never been able to understand why the healing works were not done now as they were in Jesus' day. The following Wednesday I attended the testimony meeting, and came away rejoicing that I had found a practical religion. A few days later the thought came to me that I had not experienced a symptom of asthma since the meeting, and the sense of a heavy weight in the chest had entirely disappeared. I had not known what it was to be without this sense of weight for five years, and had been troubled with asthma for the same length of time.

For the five years before I heard of Christian Science I was utterly miserable. The doctors said the altitude was much too high for me, and my health gave way completely. I suffered all the time from shortness of breath, and the constant headaches nearly drove me wild. A great portion of my time was spent in crying and praying for death, also praying for light, and to be led to "know the truth." I did not seem to get any light from the churches I attended, and therefore gave up going to church and decided to study the Bible and trust all to God. Not long after this decision was reached I was directed to Christian Science.

When I began the daily study of the Bible, together with the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and the other Christian Science literature, and tried to put into practice the little knowledge I was gaining, I was freed from extreme nervousness, chronic liver trouble, and weak eyes. Slowly but surely selfishness, jealousy, pride, envy, revenge,—indeed "everything that defileth, . . . or maketh a lie,"—is also being cast out, and love is fast taking its place. Through my own understanding I have been able to solve most of my problems. Colds, headaches, stomach disorders, and many other discordant conditions have been overcome.

March 24, 1917

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