Our critic says that Christian Science is antichristian

Reading (England) Observer

Our critic says that Christian Science is antichristian. This is not true. Christian Science is the restoration of Christianity in its original simplicity and purity, healing the sick and reforming the sinner by the same spiritual understanding which was possessed by Jesus, his disciples, and the early Christians. If this critic were fulfilling the command of our Master to heal the sick by this means, he would know of the doctrine, whether it was of God or not. He who has not the signs which "follow them that believe" is hardly in a position to judge those who have.

Another of our critic's gratuitous remarks is that Christian Science is a great delusion. Had he any conception of the hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering who have been healed and regenerated, of the multitudes of victims of every form of vice and bad habits who have been transformed into pure, upright, and worthy citizens through the benign influence of Christian Science, he would be the last person to call it a "great delusion." Again, Christian Science has nothing in common with pagan philosophies. The age is crying out for the practice of Christianity more than for the preaching of dry dogmas. Humanity is calling for bread in place of the stones of creeds and ceremonies. Christian Science is giving this bread of life, and for this reason the movement is spreading throughout the civilized world with a rapidity unknown by any religion save primitive Christianity. The opposition of the carnal mind has no effect on its growth; it is of God, therefore it advances.

One Standard
March 24, 1917

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