It is with loving thankfulness to God, and gratitude to...

It is with loving thankfulness to God, and gratitude to Mrs. Eddy, that I submit my experiences in Christian Science. About seven years ago my wife was healed in Science after she had failed to get relief from material remedies. She had been confined to her bed for several weeks and had been forbidden by the doctor even to move around. On my arrival home from work one evening, she asked me if I cared if she tried Christian Science, but not believing in prayer myself, I did not see how praying could help her. The next night when I came home from work she met me at the door with a smile, and said she had been down town, which is eight blocks, to see a Christian Science practitioner, had walked back home, and was feeling fine. There was no return of the trouble, and several days later we started on a thousand mile trip, which the doctor had forbidden her to attempt.

This experience awakened me to the fact that Christian Science might also help me, as I was suffering from bowel trouble of ten years' standing and seemingly was getting worse. I was healed of this trouble in one week, and also lost the desire for smoking, a habit I had contracted when about eleven years old. The social drink habit also was overcome. A broken nose and a broken finger have been healed through Science, no physician being employed in either case, even to set the bone. A very severe attack of influenza was overcome in less than an hour by reading the Sentinel.

In relating the physical healings I am telling but the least part which Christian Science has taken in my life. It has taught me what God is and our relation to Him, and through this understanding the Bible has become a very precious and loving companion. My daily prayer is that I may assimilate more of this wonderful truth and be able to help others.—Philip D. Steinmetz, Hammond, Ind.

Testimony of Healing
In January, 1912, our family physician advised me to get...
March 24, 1917

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