In October, 1913, I first attended the Christian Science...

In October, 1913, I first attended the Christian Science church, and ever sicne have earnestly studied its gracious, wholesome teachings, daily receiving increasing light and help. In January, 1914, I experienced what to me seemed a wonderful demonstration of the ever watchful care of divine Love. I was riding in the ring of a riding academy one evening, when my horse became restless and finally threw me. I was not at all hurt, as the ring was thickly covered with tan-bark, so raised myself on my elbow, expecting to jump up at once. A startled snort from the horse made me look up, to find him rearing over me.

For a moment I was frightened, for there was not time to roll away from the horse or to scramble up out of his way. Just then the thought came to me that I would be protected, and at the same time I was prompted to throw myself under him, so that as he came down upon all fours his forefeet landed one on either side of me. Althought fully aware of my seeming peril I had absolutely no fear, but was conscious of the protecting care of divine Love. I escaped with only a rather bad bruise, and would not have had even that if one small doubt had not crept in, with the result that I was struck upon one knee, although hardly conscious of it until I had been riding again for five or ten minutes, when I realized that the knee was aching severely. By the time I dismounted, it was very stiff and painful, but I clung to what little knowledge I had gained through Christian Science, and next morning went to my work as usual. It was several weeks before the bruise entirely healed, but I have had no trouble with the knee since, although anxious friends predicted lifelong lameness.

Testimony of Healing
It is with loving thankfulness to God, and gratitude to...
March 24, 1917

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