I wish to express my thankfulness to God for all the good...

I wish to express my thankfulness to God for all the good that has come to me through a better understanding of Him, made possible through the study of Christian Science. This teachings was first brought to my attention in 1897 by a friend who in his travels had heard of it and of the remarkable cures wrought by it, and who, being skeptical, had investigated the case of one who had been healed after the doctor had pronounced her incurable. On arriving home this friend told his wife what he had heard about Christian Science and what he had seen as a result of its practice. The wife remarked: "This seems to be a godsend. Go right over and tell this to our friend [giving my name], because a member of his family has been pronounced incurable by the doctors and he intends to take the patient to the same doctor you mentioned."

The result was that next day a letter was written to a Christian Science practitioner, asking for treatment. The practitioner wrote in reply that treatment would be given at once, and that we were to look to God alone for healing and were not to use any medicine or apply any material remedies. This was made very plain, and I am grateful that it was, for acute lung trouble was added to the diagnosis of an incurable disease and friends and neighbors proposed all kinds of remedies and different doctors; but all were refused, and threats of prosecution against me for not employing doctors and applying remedies fell on deaf ears. The practitioner's letters and the reading of the Bible helped us, and in a remarkably short time perfect healing was the result. The practitioner advised us to send to Boston for a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and when the book arrived an earnest study of it was begun at once. As a result I was completely healed of lung trouble, chronic stomach disorder, headaches, and other ailments supposed to have been inherited and for which medicine had been taken since childhood.

October 13, 1917

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